Toy tragedies, baby Batman, and a young girl home alone in Manhattan. Igor, Matt and Jennie talk about their childhoods.  Everybody’s got to have a first podcast, so here’s ours.


Show Notes:

Form: The 3fer: Three people, three stories, one theme and let’s see if they connect.

Theme: Childhood

Music: “YES” used by permission of Alex Cook. Thank you Alex!

Speaking of which, if you liked the music in this episode, check out Alex Cook’s bandcamp page and his website Stonebalancer

Storytellers: Igor Torgeson, Matt Flanagan, Jennie Josephson

Part One: Igor “Bap!”

Part Two: Jennie “Alone at the video store”

Part Three: Matt Flananan “The Batman of Wellesley, MA”

Behind the story: We’ve been talking about a storytelling podcast for a long time, but this one came together in 24 hours. Matt, Igor and I went to my office in Los Angeles, and had a little chat about how the 3fer format would work. Take a little Aristotle, add a pinch of Del Close, and give permission for people to ask questions and tell their own stories off of yours. Sample quote from Matt: “I’m skeptical.”

We managed to convince Matt to give it a shot and just as we began to record, the very important machine on the roof of our building began to rattle. But we took our own advice when it comes to stories and decided to tell it anyway.

This is definitely a beta / pilot / preview, but I’m super happy with the storytelling and the music. I’m less happy with the audio quality, but then again I was raised in a house with its own radio studio, so I guess I’ll just have to up my game next week.

Thanks for listening! J

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  1. I’ve only listened to 19 minutes so far but I *love* this show! I heard about it on TMS earlier today and will be a regular listener. Cheers!

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