Consumption and Consequence

It’s St. Patrick’s day which means we’re telling drinking stories! Colleen is nurtured by strippers, Flanagan can’t decided between a wine cooler, a WuWu, and a Stormy Prom Night, and Seth runs hard in the Big Easy.




Show Notes:

Form: The 3fer: Three people, three stories, one theme and let’s see if they connect.

Theme: In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, three drinking stories and the consequences thereof.

The music:

Unlocked Door” used by permission of Alex Cook. Thank you Alex!

If you want to hear the complete songs, check out Alex Cook’s bandcamp page and his website Stonebalancer Alex is going to be on this very show, this very next week!

Some of the music provided tonight from Mevio’s Music Alley. Check it out at including “358 Hangovers A Year” by Jim Paquette, and “Drunken Sailor” by Blaggards.


Colleen Basis is an acting coach and part-time Canadian homemaker. She is a graduate of The George Washington University.

Matt Flanagan is a writer and fart producer. He don’t tweet so much. More about Matt at IMDB Matt is an alumni of George Washington University’s improv comedy group Recess.

Seth Cohen is a comedy writer who has worked on Bad Teacher and Undateable. Watch Undateable Tuesday nights on NBC!

Part One: Colleen: “One Night at Scores”

Part Two:  Matt: “The Wine Cooler in the Fridge”

Part Three: Seth: “Running hard in the Big Easy”

Behind the story: 

Warning! If you are offended by stories about drinking, excessive drinking, underage drinking, lying while drinking, false accusations of misdoing to cover up past drinking, and/ or poor judgement before, during, and after drinking, this episode is not for you.

This episode is brought to you by Matt Flanagan, who wanted to tell drinking stories on St Patrick’s Day. We brought in two specialists, Colleen Basis and Seth Cohen, who braved 90 degree heat in March (sorry East Coast) to tell stories from their wilder days.

This podcast is dedicated to Alan Zibel, who has officially earned the title of Tell It Anyway’s number one fan for his excellent tweets about the show. Thanks, Alan!

Production Notes:

This was the first episode where I didn’t have to use a noise filter to remove the mysterious rattle! It’s not so mysterious, it’s an exhaust fan and apparently it has an off switch. So this time I was able to notice the subtler acoustic issues with the room — a constant vibration coming from some other equipment on the roof. So I did a gentler noise filter on that and it seemed to work.

Then there was the issue of Matt Flanagan’s laugh. It is a decibel busting wonder, and someday I am going to get the waveform on his laugh tattooed on my person. But since I didn’t want it to blow out your eardrums, I did my best to manually dilute the impact of his laugh. Hopefully I did my job, but just as a precaution, maybe don’t be washing the delicate glassware?

As always you can subscribe to the podcast, there’s an iTunes page coming soon, and email us your thoughts at Or you can tweet us at Oh and we have a Facebook page!

Talk at you next week!

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