Live Listening Party! Friday April 17th, 7:30p PDT

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Update: We did it! We hung out in the AGR chat room, listened to episode 10, then did a short post-show live stream on AGR. And it mostly worked. The lesson is: When Todd Whitehead of AGR sets up your system all nice and perfect, maybe don’t go do shows with different technical setups! LOL.

Anyway, if there’s anything useable from an audio perspective I will post it here in a bit, but for now, thanks to our inaugural live listeners:







Todd Whitehead for all the technical prowess, and of course Igor Torgeson and Matt Flanagan!

Who: Jennie Josephson, Matt Flanagan, some of the TIA storytellers and you!

What: A live listening party to celebrate 10 episodes of Tell It Anyway. We’ll listen to the ep together in the AGR IRC channel, and then do a live audio post-show where we take your questions and catch you up on what cool things our storytellers are doing these days.

WhereAlpha Geek Radio Channel 2, and the AGR chat room. You can get all those things on this handy page.

When: Friday, April 17th, 2015 at 7:30pm PDT.

Why: Well, we did ten episodes, and that’s not nuthin’

How: With the kind assistance of Todd Whitehead of Alpha Geek Media.

More: Where to listen: Alpha Geek Radio <— That link will take you directly to the player, and also have the chatroom on the page for easy joining.

Where else: We’ll be hanging out in the #alphageek channel on the Thinstack IRC server, and popping in to say hi in the tadpool and <> too.

I have a story! Call us and leave a voicemail with a story (< 2 minutes) at (920) 786-7963. That’s (920) STORY-ME.

I can’t make it on Friday night! Will a copy of the post-show be available after Friday night? You betcha. Look for it in your TIA feed on iTunes or the podcatcher of your choice, and there will be a post on this site.

Will there be video? Not just yet, but we promise to take a lot of pictures and post them.

Should I bring anything? Ideas for future topics. Thoughts about the show. Popcorn? How can I help? Well you could like the Tell It Anyway Facebook page… we’re close to 100 likes, which I think earns us like, 5 MeowMeowBeanz

I have another question! Tweet us @tellitany or email us at tellitanyway at

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