The Good Ship Larrypop

It’s totes classy.  A little .5 behind the scenes with Jennie, Matt and Igor.


Show Notes:

Form: A .5: Just a little snack to keep you from getting too hungry.

Theme: A look back

Storytellers: Jennie, Matt and Igor

The music:

The music this week is The Anthem of the Opening Act Remixx by the The Impossebulls. I found it on the Free Music Archive

Our opening and closing music is a selection from “Unlocked Door” used by permission of Alex Cook. Thank you, Alex!

If you want to hear the complete songs, check out Alex Cook’s bandcamp page and his website Stonebalancer

Thanks to our brand new patrons for their support! Thanks to the Storybackers and special thanks to the Starting Story Lineup: Patrick Kohn, John H. Maloney, Patrick Wolfe, Chimaera, Greg Skinner, and Jeffrey Zylks!


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