A Total Disaster

A New York play where real blood was spilled, Jennie’s ill-fated romance abroad, and a not-so innocent misunderstanding about what really happened in the woods that day. This one’s not for the young ‘uns…


Show Notes:

Form: The 3fer: Three people, three stories, one theme and let’s see if they connect.

Theme: A Total Disaster

The music: Our opening and closing music is a selection from “Unlocked Door” used by permission of Alex Cook. Thank you Alex!

If you want to hear the complete songs, check out Alex Cook’s bandcamp page and his website Stonebalancer

This week, we also used music from The Free Music Archive including:

After Disaster” by Monk Turner and Fascinoma

Guilty” by Uke Stanza 

We also featured a brief clip of the late great Elaine Stritch singing “Ladies Who Lunch”  Amazing.

Storytellers: Billy Finnegan, Seth Cohen and Jennie Josephson

Part One: Billy Finnegan “Esther Demsack”

Part Two:  Seth Cohen “What Happened In The Woods”

Part Three:  Jennie Josephson “Corazon Partido”

Behind the story: 

So…never tell a love story to two comedians, eh?

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