Hooray for Garbagetown! TIA 18.6 “A Very Special Pilot”

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Welcome to Garbagetown. Nobody is fine. Jackie Vleck & Sarah Jean Kruchowski talk each other through the creative despair and minor victories of the “working stiff” version of Hollywood.

Notes from Producer Jennie:

So, as you may have guessed, this is NOT a Tell It Anyway. It’s a brand-new podcast called “Hooray for Garbagetown”, and it sprung to life in the (sometimes sweltering) creative heat generated in the little office above the butcher shop where your favorite storytelling podcast is produced.

You may remember Jackie Vleck from TIA Ep. 9 “What Might Have Been”. If you don’t, go check out that episode, b/c it is terrific. Matt and I have known Jackie since she was part of the epic “Bad Teacher” experience, but we were floored with how great she was telling stories on our show. So we got to talking about a particular phrase that Jackie loves to use: “garbage.”

As in, “I’m a garbage.” Or, “this town makes you feel like garbage.”  And we thought, well, if that isn’t a podcast….

So Jackie and her Ultraloom creative partner Sarah Jean Kruchowsi got together and brought Hooray for Garbagetown to life. They learned the entire “Tom Merritt podcast publishing process”, booked tremendous guests, and showed up every week to the little office above the butcher shop to tape new episodes.

And it was hot.

(Not just the podcast. We had to turn the air off to record, and it was damned hot).

(Note to self: Do not incubate podcasts in August.)

Anyway, I decided to cross post their introductory episode in the Tell It Anyway feed, so you can all get a taste of the garbage (err, magic) but their first full episode is up right now at Hooray for Garbagetown – it’s a tremendous interview with Jim McDermott, a screen and magazine writer, who is also a Catholic priest in a religious order known as the Jesuits.

You should head on over there and take a listen. And then check out their awesome site. You can tell a lot of hard work went into it, which is great, because in Hollywood, hard work is ALWAYS rewarded.


And yes, the iTunes account is “under review” as we speak. But you are ALL tech savvy podcast fiends, so I know you can just go ahead and manually add the show to your podcatchers with this link:


Hugs all around, Jennie

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