there’s always more pie…

Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 1.22.42 PM

Not huge fans of zero-sum thinking around here. The idea that there are only so many slices of pie and we should all compete with each other to get as much pie as possible is probably true in some awful pie-pocalypse. But until then, our advice when confronted with “slice of the pie” thinking is, go bake your own pie.

Take podcasts. There are hundreds of thousands of podcasts in the Apple Store and on Google Play.  So does that mean podcasting is oversaturated? If you want to do a podcast called “Two People Talk About Life,” then yes.

But if you know more than anyone else about pie, and you want to share your pie expertise with other people, there are more than enough people who want to know about pie to make it worth your time.  Search Apple podcasts. If your show isn’t there, it should be.

Ok, now I want pie.


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