Lost Friends: TIA 35


Jennie Josephson heads to New York City to tell stories with Chris Himes and this guy who used to work at IBM, but quit in the 60’s and no one ever heard from him again. BUCKLE. UP.


Show Notes:


Our opening and closing music is a selection from “Unlocked Door” used by permission of Alex Cook. Thank you Alex!

If you want to hear the complete songs, check out Alex Cook’s bandcamp page and his website Stonebalancer

The following songs from The Free Music Archive also appeared in this episode under a Creative Commons License:

Billy Murray‘s “The Streets of New York

People Like UsHappy Lost Songs


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Thanks to our patrons for their support! Thanks our Story MVP Ellie Goldman! Thanks to the Storybackers and special thanks to the Starting Story Lineup.

Form: The 3fer: Three people, three stories, one theme.

Theme: Lost Friends

Storytellers: Jennie Josephson, Norman Lawrence, & Chris Himes

Part One: Jennie Josephson “Pre-GPS Directions”

Part Two:  Norman Lawrence “Five Dollar Chicken”

Part Three:  Chris Himes “Tom”

Behind the story: There actually is a story behind this one! I recorded this in New York last year, right before I turned 39. We were in a professional radio studio, using gorgeous microphones, and of course, I had the inputs up way to high, so it sounds crunchy. Then one of the storytellers, I’M NOT SAYING WHO, asked me not to publish this. Something about being embarrassed. So I didn’t. For like, a whole year.

But then I ran out of stories. So you know, you tell it, eventually we’re gonna share it.


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