Where everybody knows you’re lame…

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tl;dr: We’re gonna re-watch Cheers and that’s gonna be fun. I bet there’ll be some stories along the way too. You should re-watch it with us!


So…uh…hey, Matt & Jennie here. It’s been ten months since we optimistically introduced the second season of Tell It Anyway, which consisted of ONE. WHOLE. EPISODE.  Then things got very good and very bad all at the same time, but we couldn’t tell stories about any of it. Which is a problem for a storytelling podcast.

We have a saying in our house, and maybe it’s in your house too. “Never let the perfect be the enemy of the good.” I think Voltaire might have said something like it, which is cool, but it basically means, don’t NOT do a podcast, even if you can’t do the podcast you really want to do.

So the one thing we’ll always find time to do is watch television together. So that’s what we’re going to talk about for the moment. Think of it as a storytelling podcast hidden inside a re-watch podcast from two tired podcast people.

Oh, also, sorry about the heavy breathing. I’m rusty at being the engineer.

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