3: Our television is our bar

Copy of LTACheers Ep 02


This week we’re discussing “Any Friend of Diane’s, “Friends Roman, Accountants” and “Truce or Consequences” and what they all have in common. Hint: It’s not the beer.


Oh hey there! Did you know that this little recap show now has its own podcast feed? It’s true! You can find it on iTunes, and if you let me know where else you want to find this show, I’ll do my best to get it there.

If you’re enjoying this little glimpse into our shared television past, head on over and subscribe there, because our goal is to get this feed back to the uh, storytelling show we promised you. 🙂

You can watch along with us on Hulu or CBS All Access if you’re subscribed.  Itunes also has all eleven seasons, but honestly, that’s gonna get a little pricey.

The music in this episode is called (appropriately enough) Pianoman is not Sam by Lobo Loco. You can find it on the Free Music Archive, which never fails to be awesome.


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