Very Old Dad

Growing old in America is the pits.

Larry Josephson is almost 80 years old. He never thought he would live this long. Jennie Josephson is trying to be a good daughter, but sometimes doesn’t do the best job. Together they’ll talk about all the hard stuff: home health care workers, the perils of bagels on aging teeth and how much each of them is responsible for the mess they’re in. Coming early 2019, provided we’re all still here.

You can read more about my dad in this really lovely article in Current

If you can contribute to my dad’s dad’s GoFundMe, you have my humble thanks. If you already have, endless thank you’s.

Alternately, you could help send Crystal back to UC Berkeley

If you are an independent radio or podcast producer, don’t donate to this, DONATE TO A 401k or any preferred retirement savings vehicle. ; ) I would be grateful if you would donate to my

DISCLAIMER: Larry Josephson does not like this cover art! He says: “It makes me look like I’m at death’s door, I’m really only at death’s screen door.” Larry would like you to know that he doesn’t look like this now.

I, on the other hand, love this photograph, because it shows me that even when my dad is just out of surgery, he can still laugh. In this case, at Saturday Night Live.

What do you think?

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