Under The Hood @Hatch

Under The Hood is the first podcast I helped launch from scratch when I revved up this company a year ago. And in addition to creating great podcasts, EP Chelsea Levy and hosts Patti Quintero and Aleks Evanguelidi are amazing at doing live events. They pack the house every time!

Recently we did an event at Hatch a wonderful clothing store in Brentwood that makes women’s clothes for before, during and after pregnancy. The live podcast taping featured Kimberly Johnson, author of The Fourth Trimester. There were adorable babies, future podcasters, and of course my favorite soothing nibbles on an epic Lady & Larder platter. (Seriously check out their insta.)

Despite some serious technical stress on my part (in which I summoned the words of another podcast host and kept saying “Brave, Not Perfect” over and over again) it was a great event and reminded me how excited I am about the return of this podcast!

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