About us


We just want to tell all the stories we’ve spent all these years living.

The core team:

Jennie Josephson, host, co-executive producer and storyteller.  Jennie is the producer of Daily Tech News Show with Tom Merritt.

She teaches new media and has a social media and podcast consulting firm called “Infinite Gain Productions.” You can see more of Jennie’s work here.

Matt Flanagan, co-executive producer and storyteller. Matt Flanagan is a comedy writer.

Igor Torgeson, consulting producer and storyteller

Herschel Bleefeld, consulting producer & storyteller.

If you’d like to know who the rest of ‘we’ are check us out here.

Email us with your thoughts about the stories, the tellers, the on-going battle for better in-room audio quality. If you have a story you want to tell, let us know.

tellitanyway AT gmail.com (you put in an @ sign. I avoid spammers. Maybe. Although they probably have a workaround)

We have a phone number where you can call and leave us a short story! We’ll play it on the show: (920) 786-7963

That’s (920) STORY-ME

Where to find us online!




The Tell It Anyway Season One Mix on the Free Music Archive

We have an audio RSS feed for those who like to roll their own.

And we have a Patreon where you can leave your spare laundry quarters if you enjoy the show. We use the money to donate to the Free Music Archive, which is where we get our music, pay for parking for our guests who come to the studio, and well, right now that’s about it! But we have goals!

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  1. Just want to say I love the show, it’s a lot of fun and is defiantly entertaining. The best part is reading the episode title and before listening to the podcast thinking of my own story that fits the theme. Please keep them coming.

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