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A podcast about Cheers

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Here’s a Let’s Talk About Cheers soundcloud playlist.

You can also listen to most of the older episodes on a janky wordpress page.

(And I can’t wait to meet you all at the BBQ.)

The last episode we did was a live YouTube hour near the start of the pandemic. But you never know…
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Tell It Anyway Returns!

Tell It Anyway: Rudy! Rudy! Rudy! Stories About Family Well. Things got a little out of hand. This episode of Tell It Anyway was recorded in April of 2018, but don’t hold that against the guests. Featuring podcast legends Justin Robert Young and Molly Wood, talking about family. Their stories are fantastic. My story was…rusty.…

Tesser Well –The Madeleine L’Engle podcast

What happens when you launch a podcast in the last moment before a quarantine? A lot of hard work and love went into the podcast to promote a new book of short stories by renowned author Madeleine L’Engle. We paused production in March for safety reasons, but there are more beautiful episodes waiting to find…

Talking Feds with Harry Litman

Things move fast out here in independent podcast universe. But this podcast sets a new standard for the word fast. A friend had recommended me to the Talking Feds Team on Thursday, we spoke and it seemed like we might all be working together soon. Then, the very next day, Robert Mueller sent his long-anticipated…

writing about food, fun and frustrations

Jennie writes here — often about food, travel and other diversions. Here are a few essays to get you started. Gwen at lunch— I miss this. The joy is still within — It’s about dreams. And camp. 30 hours in Greater Boston: An elder care odyssey—Family is hard. How to book a guest— Still hate booking. Equifaxed:…


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