Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 1.40.25 PMThe Free Music Archive is an interactive library of high-quality, legal audio downloads directed by WFMU, a freeform radio station.  WFMU was super important in Jennie’s heavy metal awakening back in middle school and high school. How cool that we get to feature their archive in a storytelling podcast!

According to the site, every MP3 on The Free Music Archive is pre-cleared for certain types of uses that would otherwise be prohibited by copyright laws that were not designed for the digital era.

It’s just about the coolest thing ever. Tell It Anyway donates $5 a month out of our fledgling Patreon to support the Free Music Archive, and you can donate too!

When we hit our first Patreon goal, we’re going to design a structure to send a small donation of financial gratitude to the artists whose have put their music out in the world via the Free Music Archive. Until then, check out ways you can support their musical artistry.

Oh and take a listen to our Tell It Anyway Season One Mix !

Recurring Artists

Alex Cook

As always, special thanks and gratitude to Alex Cook, a very dear friend who gave us permission to use his music on our very first show.

Our opening and closing theme is a selection from “Unlocked Door” . We have also used Alex’s songs “Yes”, “Mountain Prelude” and “Lazybones” on the show.

Check out Alex Cook’s bandcamp page and his website Stonebalancer.  Alex is currently painting beautiful murals on the East Coast. You can support his mural painging here.

Jason Karaban

Jason Karaban is an artist who has been creating beautiful music for years, and I just discovered his work while working on this show. Love when that happens. Check out his bandcamp page and go get those songs!

Low Road

You’re Already Home

What Do You Say To That

“The Devil That I Know” 

Toussaint Morrison

I highly recommend you check out Toussaint Morrison.  Just so you can say you were listening waaaaay back when! Toussaint is from Minneapolis by way of New Orleans.

Baby I’m Bad Weather 


We featured this song once and it was perfect! 

“Hollywood” by Derek Clegg – Just gorgeous.

“Morning Flowers” by Brock Tyler  – lovely

“The Hair Salon” by Monk Turner – Hilariously on point.

The Accurate Betrayal by Tarred Brigade

That’s Life Frank Sinatra Tribute” by ProleteR

“Underwater” by Town Hall

“Swine Flu Birthday” by The Mostly Bad Virus

“Ain’t We Got Fun” by Van and Shenck

“Fun” by Oblivion Substanshall

Local News” by Fixtures

This is My Home” by Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Pussycat by Benji Cossa

I’ve Got A Feeling” by Split Squad

“L.A.” by the Nighttime Adventure Society

Super Headache Bitch” by Nic Waterman

Do It All Over Again” by Muck and the Mires

Overdosie Rosie” by an artist named Tracky Birthday 

“Mississippi Sawyer” by Howie and Ann Mitchell

“Poor Mississippi” by Mr. & Mrs. Smith

“Summer Bummer” by Sam Gas Can

“Summer by Butano Bazaar

“Coming Home” by Stefano Vita

“Thunderer’s March” by John Phillips Sousa – Free Tim’s version

“Time for Love” by The Pink Tiles

“Crush on You” by Jim Keller

 “Dance Like A Stripper” by YGDTopDogg

“Saying Goodbye in the Rain” –  by Jelsonic

Damned Hymn” by Mr. Bitterness and the Guilty Pleasures

The Love I Give” by Joanna Sternberg

Plucky Good Times” by Dave Depper

Awkward Guy” by Derek Clegg

I Wanna Get Married” by De Cylinders

Through The Night” by Paolo Pavan

Rebels, Outlaws, Misfits” by Lilian Hak

Night Shift_TSPMental” by Tha Silent Partner

The International Rag” by Collins and Harlan

This Party” by Jimmy & The Threats

“Criminal Kids” by Literature

“Back to School” by Bandana Splits

“Old Toy Trains” by Jordan Gladstone (feat. Bros. DeVries)

“Christmas Night” by Will Heikoop

“Winter Wonderland” by Leah Morrow

“Kamikaze Economy Christmas” by Travis Taylor

“Russian Dance” by Yair Yona 

“O Christmas Tree” by Amil Byleckie

“Happy Christmas, You Guys!” by Simon Panrucker

“My Itty Bitty Christmas Ditty” by Kathleen Martin

“Deck the Halls” by Rue Royal 

Songs from other music libraries 

Mr Cheeseman” by scomber on the digccMixter, a creative commons music library.

358 Hangovers A Year” by Jim Paquette from Mevio’s Music Alley

Drunken Sailor” by Blaggards at Mevio’s Music Alley

Original recordings of classic baseball organ songs by Anthony Ouradnik

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