Core values

Podcasts are for everyone

Radio people aren’t the only people who can make podcasts. Technology-savvy people aren’t the only ones either. Podcasts are for all the people. And we are the people who can help. We will:

  • Foster your creativity
  • Generate strong, well focused ideas
  • Help you discover a great title and evocative logo art
  • Develop hosts who know their stuff and aren’t afraid to share it
  • Maintain strong audio production values
  • Be Brave, Not Perfect
  • Seek recognition for great work

Amplify diverse voices

  • Black Lives Matter, women’s rights are human rights, no human being is illegal, science is real, love is love, and we are here for you now.
  • The Ten Hour Consult (in beta, June 2019)
  • 2020 Infinite Gain Digital Fellowship (launches January 2020)

Bring more women into podcasting

Podcasts are a great space for women’s voices to flourish. If you don’t want to get over-talked on a panel, ot you’re not fond of defending your expertise on Twitter, podcasts are a terrific place to share ideas with the guests you choose for the benefit of a passionate and supportive community.

Here are some additional fun facts about women’s voices:

  • Did you know people* have a lot to say when it comes to women’s voices?
  • It’s true! Women get lots of complaints about vocal fry, sounding too authoritative or bossy or just not quite credible or too credible or anything else you can possibly dream up.
  • Perhaps if there were more women’s voices in podcasting, people** would get used to more women’s voices, and we wouldn’t fixate so much on how women sound, and focus more on what they’re saying.
  • It’s just a theory.

*Not always men! But often men!

**See above

Never miss a deadline

  • Our clients depend on us. We try not to let them down.
  • When we fail, we try again.
  • Getting pre-approval to move a deadline is the lifeblood of all work and is entirely acceptable.

Truth with all available kindness

Because you’ve earned it.

Pass on what you have learned…

Yoda said it best. But also, I learned everything I know about podcasts from Tom Merritt, a podcast pioneer, who believes that information should travel freely through the internet whenever possible. And since he was such a good teacher, we follow his example.

There’s always more pie!