Was It Worth It?

Julia Grob stars in “Breaking Bike,” Jennie Josephson makes dubious financial decisions, and Sarah Kleinman is gonna need a bigger boat. Each of us must face the ultimate decision: Was it worth it?



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After Hours

Wild parties, even wilder seabees, and why you should never, ever get naked in a military camp filled with cameras. Stories from the dark of night with Charlie Parrish, Alan Zibel and Jennie Josephson.


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It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time

The deep dark decision-making process. Tune in for witches, wheelchairs and the 4:30am shift at the local strip joint with Jackie Vleck, Lance Whinery and Matt Flanagan.


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Star Wars & Santa Claus

The Ladies of Garbagetown are here to tell Christmas stories, and Jennie’s sad mess of a Christmas story is saved by the last minute appearance of Molly Wood with a tragicomic Christmas tale. All that and STAR WARS!


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