I Know It Was You, Frodo: Stories of Betrayal

Workplace skullduggery! Disappointing your grandma! And of course, the woes of long distance love in a time of national electoral turmoil. Three stories about betrayal with Igor Torgeson, Jennie Josephson and Matt Flanagan.


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That Sinking Feeling

Jennie cuts her thumb for love, Nick Holly fails to outrun the police, and Jessica Kozak, well… let’s just say she won’t be hunting for jobs on Craigslist any time soon.


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The Phone Number

Matt Flanagan almost gives the internet his phone number. Spoiler alert: Now we have a Google #  (920) STORY-ME or (920) 786-7963 Call us, tell us a short story! Unless you tell us not to, we might use it during a future episode 🙂


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Consumption and Consequence

It’s St. Patrick’s day which means we’re telling drinking stories! Colleen is nurtured by strippers, Flanagan can’t decided between a wine cooler, a WuWu, and a Stormy Prom Night, and Seth runs hard in the Big Easy.



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