Who’s telling?

The Storytellers

Jennie Josephson, podcast producer and writer. Works at Daily Tech News Show with Tom Merritt. Jennie grew up in a radio studio, but sadly did not pay so much attention. Jennie is a graduate of The George Washington University. More about Jennie

Matt Flanagan, fart producer and writer. He don’t tweet so much. More about Matt at IMDB Matt is an alumni of The George Washington University’s improv comedy group Recess.

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Stories, any way you want ’em


Tell It Anyway:  A storytelling podcast, once a week. Words and pictures as needed. Here are a few story formats we’ll be trying out week to week.

3fer: 3 people, 3 stories, 3 conclusions. Or maybe no conclusions. We’re not so strict.

Free Time: Buncha people, buncha beverages, buncha stories.

Inner View: Questions, answers, concerns.

In Memory:  Those who have gone, remembered.

It’s a Fiction: Warning, product may contain trace amounts of truth.

Long Ride: More than just a short commute’s worth of story.

The Rashomon: Shared story, different perspective.

Any other kind of stories you’d like to hear? Let us know in the comments.