The Storytellers

Jennie Josephson is the host and co-executive producer of the show. She is also a podcast producer and writer. She works at Daily Tech News Show with Tom Merritt. Jennie grew up in a radio studio, but sadly did not pay so much attention. She appears in most, but not all episodes, because she can’t convince Matt to do it for her. More about Jennie

Matt Flanagan is co-executive producer of Tell It Anyway. Also, he’s a comedy writer. He don’t tweet so much. Matt is an alumni of The George Washington University’s improv comedy group Recess. Matt has appeared on Episodes 1, 10, 15, 18, 19, 22 ,24, 27, 29, 31 and 33. His laugh appears in almost every episode. More about Matt at IMDB

Igor Torgeson is an actor and improv artist and producer and writer and editor and teacher. He don’t sleep so much. Igor is also an alumni of The George Washington University’s improv comedy group Recess. Igor appeared on Episodes 1, 15, 18.7 , 24 and 33. More about Igor at IMDB 

Kate Flanagan is a writer and Irish Catholic. She is a graduate of the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Kate appeared on Episodes 2 and 12. 

Chris Himes is a video programmer at Yahoo. He has no social media profile. That we know of. Chris is an alumni of The George Washington University’s improv comedy group Recess. Chris appeared on Episode 2.

Herschel Bleefeld is an actor and born storyteller. You’ve seen Herschel on all the commercials. All of them. .  Herschel is an alumni of The George Washington University’s improv comedy group Recess. Herschel appeared on Episode 5, 14, 19 and 25.  More about Herschel at IMDB

Dave McHugh is a writer and award-winning director. Dave appeared on Episode 5.  More about Dave at IMDB

Robert Scheid is an actor, improv comedian, and award-winning teacher (Ep 3, Animal Stories). He is also the host of The Scheid Show. If you’re in LA and you enjoy high quality improv, check out The Captains of Industry, because Robert is in that. Robert appeared in Episode 3. 

Cricket Hunt is an actress, improv comedian, singer, and equestrian. Cricket appeared in Episodes 3 and 16. 

Charlie Parrish is a stunt man, a stunt coordinator, a former US Army infantryman.  Need we say more? Oh yeah, he helps run a martial arts school in Texas and died once.  Learn more about Charlie at his website and on IMDB. Charlie appeared in Episode 4 and 30.  

UPDATE: Recently, Charlie and his wife Beth lost their home to the Bastrop wildfires in Texas. If you liked this episode and want to help Charlie out, check out the GoFundMe page his friends set up on their behalf.

Jen Spyra is a writer for the The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.  At the time of the podcast she was a senior writer for The Onion, author of such classics as, “Nothing Gets Me Wetter Than A Monotonous Domestic Routine” and “David Bowie Asks Iman If They Should Just Do Lasagna Again” Read more of her work at Jen appeared in Episode 4.

Ptolemy Slocum is an actor and director of The Nerdist School. You’ve seen him on the final season of The Wire, the final season of The Sopranos, last season of Veep, and so much more. Ptolemy is an alumni of The George Washington University’s improv comedy group Recess. Check out his imdb page. Ptolemy appeared in Episode 6. 

Sarah Parsons is a video storyteller for Yahoo! She produced the award-winning video “Guardians of the Golden Gate Bridge” Sarah appeared in Episode 6.

Colleen Basis is an acting coach and part-time Canadian homemaker. She is a graduate of The George Washington University. Colleen appeared in Episode 7 and 24.

Seth Cohen is a comedy writer who has worked on Bad Teacher and Undateable. Watch Undateable Tuesday nights on NBC! Seth appeared in Episodes 7 and 17.

Alex Cook is a singer-songwriter, musician and visual artist. His song Unlocked Door is our theme for the podcast, and he told a terrific story in episode 8. It’s hard to pick my favorite Alex Cook song, but if I had to, it would be Yes. Alex appeared in Episode 8.  Check out Alex’s band camp page! 

Greta Schwartz is a New York-based comedian who performs improv and standup. She is the only person to say I love you to someone via this podcast. For the first time. Greta appeared in Episodes 8, 20 and 25.

Jackie Vleck  is a writer and producer who has had the pleasure of writing two shorts for James Franco’s Rabbit Bandini Films. The first of those, ALMOST NOT BEAUTIFUL, stars Kate Mara and Amber Tamblyn. The second is AMERICAN HISTORY, starring James Franco and Zachary Gordon, which is currently in post-production. Jackie appeared in Episode 9, 26 and 29 and is a co-host of the excellent new podcast “Hooray for Garbagetown”.

Fred Goss is an actor, writer, director and tremendous improvisational performer. He made his professional acting debut on ALF, and went on to write and act in the Bravo series Significant Others and co-create the ABC comedy Sons & Daughters. He has directed episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Marry Me, Community, Happy Endings and Bad Teacher.  Also: Fred has directed Prince. Fred appeared in Episode 9. 

Chris Black is real estate agent with a secret identity, the drummer for two legendary Los Angeles punk bands: The Dolly Rots and Bang Sugar Bang. He is also the person on this list who would carry the ring. Chris Black appeared on  Episode 10 of Tell It Anyway.

Nick Holly is a producer and manager at Epiphany Alliance. He co-created the ABC television series Sons & Daughters and has guided the career of Matt Flanagan and Dave McHugh, among many others. Nick appeared on Episodes 11 and 22.

Jessica Kozak is an incredibly talented and funny actress in Los Angeles. You can check out her work at IMDB, and watch this Funny or Die video called “The Facebook Friend Interview” Jess appeared on Episode 11.

Tom Merritt is a podcaster extraordinaire.  He hosts The Daily Tech News Show, Cordkillers, Current Geek, FSL Tonight, East Meets West, It’s A Thing, and many more. Tom appeared on Episode 12.

Alan Zibel works in communications for a housing non-profit, after doing 19 years of print journalism for among others, The Wall Street Journal. Alan Zibel appeared on Episode 13 and 30.

Sarah Kleinman is a mid-wife in the Boston-area. She rocks. Sarah appeared on Episodes 13, 22 and 32.

Debi Bradshaw is a Los Angeles based actress and comedian. She is also an awesome mom. Debi appeared on Episode 14.  Learn more about Debi at IMDB

Billy Finnegan is an incredibly talented playwright and comedy writer. Billy writes on the Netflix series Grace & Frankie and has an impeccable record of finding good restaurants. Billy apeared on Episode 17. Learn more about Billy at IMDB.

Scott Johnson is an artist and podcaster, and all around nice human. Scott founded The Frogpants Network, which you should most certainly check out. Scott appeared on Episode 20.

Tom Parks is a standup comedian and writer. He has performed standup all around the country, and late night television, including The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. Tom was on Not Necessarily the News on HBO and is ambivalent about Twitter.  Tom appeared in Episode 21. 

Benjamin Burdick is an actor and tremendous storyteller. He appeared in Episode 21. Learn more about Ben at IMDB. 

Brian Ibbott is the host of the tremendously wonderful, OG podcast Coverville. He is also the co-host of The Morning Stream & FilmSack podcasts on the Frogpants Network. Episode 23

Molly Wood is a senior technology correspondent and a host  of Marketplace on American Public Media. She has worked at the New York Times, and at CNET where she pioneered an OG podcast called Buzz Out Loud. Episode 23 and 26

Renee Gindi is a health survey statistician at the National Center for Health Statistics. She is a devoted listener of TIA. Episode 25

Sarah Jean Kruchowski is one of the ladies from “Garbagetown”. She has also worked in the film industry for the last 10 years. Episode 26

Katie Best is a video editor in Los Angeles. She has experience working in television, film, web series, and advertising. Episode 27.

Richard J. Stroffolino is a radio DJ in Cleveland. He also has a podcast called “The Novelization Realization Project” where he reviews movies and novels adaptations to the big screen. Episode 28.

J. Hammond Chamberlain used to work in theater building sets, hanging lights, and running shows. Now, he is a full-time creative who has a podcast called “Beyond The Playlist” in which he interviews creative people in all disciplines. Episode 28. 

Lance Whinery is a writer and comedian. He’s written plays, TV and the online skecth video creator of “Hooray for Hollywood”. Episode 29. 

Allan Rice is a comedy writer. He has worked in many amazing TV shows, like “The New Adventures of Old Christine” and “I Hate My Teenage Daughter”. Episode 31. 

Julia Grob is an actress and a writer. She is the creator of the musical web series “East WillyB”. Episode 32. 

Erika Kaestle is a TV writer who has work in beloved shows like “My Name Is Earl”, “Men At Work”, “Good Luck Charlie” and others. Episode 33.

Check out the musical storytellers via the Free Music Archive. 

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