Click on this link if you use iTunes:

If you have an Android Phone, a Windows phone or another smartphone you don’t talk about at parties, you probably use a podcast app of some kind.  (Google Play is getting podcasts very soon!)

I like Pocket Casts myself.  Subscribe in Pocket Casts

If that doesn’t work, open this link from your mobile device to subscribe to Tell It Anyway in Pocket Casts:

To manually add our show to any other podcatcher, here’s a link to the audio RSS feed.

Video: Not just yet. But you can watch a video of Tell It Anyway’s own Matt Flanagan give a talk on screenwriting at Nerdtacular 2015. So that counts as video, right?


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  1. I love the Tom Merritt show in which you are involved, so decided to give you a try. Good luck in your new adventure, and thank you for your effort in keeping us happy as we drive to work. 🙂 take care eh.

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    • That’s weird that they won’t show up in iTunes. I’ve had good luck with Downcast, but if that doesn’t work, you could just listen to them here via the embed on each web page. The first four are Childhood, Shame, Animal Stories and Fear. Thanks for listening! JJ


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