Like all the podcasts in all the world that aren’t sponsored by MailChimp, we have a Patreon now.

We’re humbly requesting you consider the possibility of maybe thinking about supporting us with a quarter an episode. That’s four or five quarters a month, which is definitely the cost of a load of laundry at my place.

If you can’t afford to pay in laundry load increments, you can leave us a story as payment. Send us a sound file or leave a message on our voicemail line. (920) 786-7963 That’s (920) STORY-ME

If you don’t have a story but you know someone who would be great on this podcast, send us an email at or tweet us at @tellitany.

And check out our TIA Hall of Fame page where those who support the program are enshrined!

So many thanks! JJ

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