TIA Hall of Fame

The Tell It Anyway Hall of Fame – January 2016

Our Story MVP!

Ellie Goldman

The Starting Story Lineup:  The day to day players, the ones who always get written into the lineup card. We’ll put your name in the Tell It Anyway Hall of Fame and we’ll thank you in every new TIA post. Thanked in the order Patreon shows ’em to me.

Richard Sparks, Renee Gindi, Mike Huller, Kevin Bellanca, Sarah Stein Greenberg, Brian Foulds, BlitzKregar, MovieLeagueMike, Dawn Banks, Teresa Ozoa, Linda Thompson, Patrick Kohn, Nick Batos, Preston Monroe, Jordan Henderson, Gabe Medina, David Johnson, Matt Sharwarko, Daniel Cronise, Mary Haynes, MTJ, Jonathan Stone, Kimberly Herbert, Fredrik Pettersen, Chris Smith, Thor Michael Wood, Michael Engel, Alex Erickson, Tony Glass, Eshaan, Mathur, Andy Baumel, Kody Georgeson, Trystan Lambkin, Mike McLaughlin, Tony Nolen, Tom Gehrke, Riff Riffles, Shane, English, SargD, Tim Magnuson, Philip D, Deborah Abel, Josh Harrow, Trevor Griswold, Richard Gunther, Melanie, Knopf, Jason Beck, Elizabeth Murray, Cory, Louise, Anders Lund, Mike Escutia, Terry Cook, John H Maloney, Patrick, Wolfe, Chimaera, James Thatcher, Jeffrey Zylks, Sunbun.

Storybackers: The defensive team, protecting the stories on Tell It Anyway from hard hits, low blows and mixing of sports metaphors. We’ll put your name in the Tell It Anyway Hall of Fame, and thank you for your support on the next upcoming episode. Wherever there’s a list of people who support the show, you’ll be there.

Andrew Grafe, Richard J. Stroffolino, Robert Van Kalker, David Phillips, Karen Brown, Alan, Rueshann Brantley, Les, Gebhardt, Melissa, Scott Wilhelm, Jeffrey Fetterman, Allen Roth, Robert Russell, James Casalino, Sam Cornn, thatCharlieDude, Jeremy Fischer, Scott Martin, Micah Cutler, Brian Bender, Alex Laznik, Jeremy Clark.

Thank you to the lovely generous people who don’t want a reward!

And please enjoy the offering to our first Story MVP

The First Story MVP:

Bill Rudder – The first to get a 3 part twitter story…



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