I’ve produced television, radio and podcasts. I’ve worked at non-profits and for-profits and didn’t-profits. I’ve run my own business, and now I work at a company that helps other people run their own business better than I did.

At the core of all of that is my one true love—writing. I’d like to up my output. I’d like to finish that novel. I’d like to finish that other novel. One of Matt’s colleagues once told me, about writing for a living “If you coulda, you woulda.” I never forgave him for that, but he’s also not entirely wrong. I love writing. It fills me up inside. It causes me agony and joy. I use it to be employable at a wide range of jobs, but I don’t do it enough for myself.

Here are some of my favorite pieces.

For a long time I was obsessed with Gwen, a restaurant around the corner from us. I did a series of pieces to try and wrap my head around it. This is my favorite.

tl;dr producing is solving problems until you drop and then solving more in your sleep.