Talking Feds with Harry Litman

Things move fast out here in independent podcast universe. But this podcast sets a new standard for the word fast.

A friend had recommended me to the Talking Feds Team on Thursday, we spoke and it seemed like we might all be working together soon.

TALKING FEDS is a roundtable discussion that brings together some of the most well-known former prosecutors in the country for a dynamic and entertaining analysis of the most pressing questions in high-profile criminal cases, including the Mueller probe and related investigations.

Then, the very next day, Robert Mueller sent his long-anticipated 300-page report to the Attorney General. And just like that the Infinite Gain team was putting together an emergency episode of Talking Feds with several former US Attorneys and former Justice Department officials, none of whom had yet received their USB microphones in the mail!

The Talking Feds team taped and turned the episode in less than 12 hours, and from there we jumped right in on a podcast that blasted its way on the Apple Podcast charts and has been gaining listeners ever since.

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